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Police Jury Staff Fights Giant Salvinia in Holbrook Park Pond

Police Jury Approves Agreement with Landowners

Post Date:07/24/2019

The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury’s Facility Management staff received a boost in its efforts to eradicate giant salvinia in the Holbrook Park Pond. At a recent meeting, the Police Jury approved a right of entry and maintenance agreement with area landowners.

The agreement allows staff and contractors access to the shoreline of the pond located on private land. Giant salvinia is an invasive, aquatic species of fern that can destroy habitats for native plants, animals and fish.

 “The Holbrook Park Pond is a great place to take children fishing. The salvinia has negatively impacted this experience for many years. The inability to treat the vegetation along the privately- owned water’s edge has made it seem like we have been fighting a losing battle for years” said Dean Kelly, Director of Facility Management. “Although it is uncertain if we will be able to eradicate the giant salvinia, this agreement definitely gives us the upper hand. We are confident we will be able to effectively control this - and other invasive aquatic vegetation - currently present in the pond.”

The salvinia is treated with an approved aquatic herbicide that is applied directly to the targeted vegetation, thus minimizing contact with other plants.

“We anticipate multiple applications to ensure a slow die off. This approach is recommended to avoid negatively impacting the fish in the pond,” Kelly said. “Excessive dead vegetation present at one time will cause the oxygen in the water to drop.”

Once established, giant salvinia and other aggressive aquatic vegetation are difficult to manage and nearly impossible to completely destroy. Constant monitoring and targeted application are the keys to keeping the pond healthy.

“Holbrook Park is a wonderful place for family outings and fishing,” said Sandy Treme, District 11 Police Juror. “We appreciate the efforts of our staff and the help of our neighbors to keep the pond available to the citizens of Calcasieu Parish.”

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