Service Directory

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The following is a list of services provided by several departments within the Police Jury, along with contact information.  For other general areas of interest not shown below, please contact the Administrator's Office at (337) 721-3500.
                                                                                               Area Code 337

Service   Department E-mail Phone
911 Procedures OHSEP 721-3800
Adjudicated Property Planning

Agendas/Minutes Administration 721-3500
Animal Adoptions Animal Services

Beer/Liquor Permits Planning 721-3600
Boat Launch Facility Mgmt.

Budget Information Finance 721-3650
Creative Services Facility Mgmt. 721-3540
Culverts Planning 721-3600
Demographics Administration 721-3500
Disaster Preparedness OHSEP 721-3800
Ditch Maintenance Public Works 721-3700
Drainage Administration 721-3500
Economic Development Planning 721-3600
Employment Human Resources 721-3520
Families in Need of Services Juvenile Justice 721-3900
Fire Protection Administration 721-3500
Flooding/Floodplain Mgmt. Planning 721-3600
Government Channel C-GOV 721-3570
Housing Housing 721-3577
Human Services     Human Services

Hurricane Preparedness OHSEP 721-3800
Job Application Human Resources 721-3520
Job Training Business Career
Juvenile Detention Services Juvenile Justice 721-3900
Juvenile Probation Services Juvenile Justice 721-3900
M.A.R.C. Juvenile Justice 721-3971
Maps GIS 721-4140
Mechanical Sewer System Inspections     Planning 721-3600
Occupational License Planning 721-3600
Ordinances Administration 721-3500
Parks Facility Mgmt.

Permits Planning 721-3600
Planning/Zoning Planning 721-3600
Police Juror Phone List Administration 721-3500
Police Jury Districts Administration 721-3500
Purchasing Finance 721-3660
Recreation Districts Administration 721-3500
Road Repairs Engineering/PW 721-3700
Senior Citizen Services Human Services 721-4020
Sewerage Administration 721-3500
Solid Waste Convenience Centers Engineering/PW 721-3700
Surplus Property Finance 721-3650
Tire Drop-offs Engineering/PW 721-3700
Transit Services Human Services 721-4020
Utility Assistance Human Services 721-4020
Water Districts Administration 721-3500