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Connect with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury through one of our social media portals like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on what's going on in the parish. You'll not only find news links and calendar events, but you'll get a glimpse of us behind the scenes too.



 Twitter is for people who like their information short, sweet and to the point. A tweet on Twitter post can only be 140 characters long but you sure can say a lot with them.

The parish uses twitter to tweet out links to new web pages on our site, as well as to post updates on pages like zoning, property rentals and surplus inventory. You'll see behind the scenes photos when we shoot videos and a whole lot more.

What can I watch on YouTube?


YouTube has been THE place to watch videos online for quite a while. When you subscribe to our  CPPJ program channel you'll be alerted every time we upload a new video. We not only have Calcasieu Parish Police Jury summaries and meetings, but you'll also find explanations of our many programs and projects along with "How to" videos and public service announcements. New videos are uploaded every week!


FacebookFacebook is an outlet where you can easily join in on a conversation - not only with the parish but also with other people who have joined the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury's fan page. This is where you can see photos, read messages and see what other people in the parish are concerned about.



 Instagram Page announcement

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