CPPJ Citizen Survey 2019

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Calcasieu Parish Police Jurors Hear 2019 Citizen Survey Results

Calcasieu Parish is trending in the right direction, according to 2019 Citizen Survey results.

At its Feb. 6 regular meeting, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury heard a presentation of the survey results from John Snow with Emergent Method, who performed the survey on behalf of the CPPJ.

This survey is a follow up to the 2018 Citizen Survey, which was done to gather information for the Police Jury’s Strategic Plan 2019-2022. Both surveys are key sources for helping Police Jurors understand citizens’ needs and priority areas to focus on in the coming months and years.

More than 630 survey responses showed that residents’ top priorities continue to be infrastructure needs (such as drainage, roads, traffic, sewer and water), greater and more timely action and responsiveness to citizens’ concerns and request for services, continued efforts to address litter problems, a more equitable focus across all areas of the parish - urban, rural and suburban -  and better coordination and communication among government agencies at the city, parish and state level.

Some highlights from the 2019 report include:

  • No satisfaction scores decreased from the 2018 survey, while most increased slightly. This indicates that residents believe services provided by the Police Jury have improved in the past year.
  • 2019 ratings did not drastically differ from the 2018 ratings - the Department of Animal Services’ rating increased 0.3 points, and the Division of Planning and Development and the Office of Juvenile Justice Services’ ratings both increased 0.2 points. Mosquito Control, Public Works, Facility Management, Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness, and Human Services’ scores each increased by 0.1 points, and the Special Service Districts’ scores remained the same.
  • On the subject of whether they believe there have been improvements to the five priority areas identified within the recent strategic plan – litter, drainage, traffic and transportation, facilitating parish-wide development, and other infrastructure – most residents surveyed believe that there have been slight positive improvements to litter reduction (2.2 average on a three-point scale, with 3 indicating improvement and 1 representing worsening) and with efforts to facilitate parish-wide development (average score 2.2). Respondents on average perceive drainage (average score 1.9), other infrastructure (1.8 average score), and traffic/transportation (average score 1.7) to have slightly worsened.
  • Citizens expressed some confusion about how to access various programs and services and identify which are provided by the parish, cities in the parish, or the state. This causes them frustration when seeking information or responses to their issues, while potentially impacting their satisfaction with a given agency or department.

“The citizen survey is a very helpful tool for the whole Police Jury organization. Citizen input helps us define priorities for the upcoming year and beyond,” said Parish Administrator Bryan Beam.

“Like last year, we appreciate the time citizens took to share their perspectives on our direction as a parish, and what we as a Police Jury can do to help ensure it continues to one with excellent quality of life that benefits present and future generations,” said Police Jury President Tony Guillory.

To view the survey report, click HERE.