Lost Pets

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Have you lost a cat or dog? Follow these important steps

Losing a pet can be very stressful on a family.  If you have lost a loved one, pleaseLost Pet follow these important steps:

1.  POST an alert in as many neighborhood places and the Calcasieu Animal Shelter Bulletin Board with the following information:

  • Describe the pet- Explain all of the characteristics of the pet.  For example, if it has a spot on its right front paw, mention this.
  • Give the pet's name - What is the pet's name?  Does it answer to a certain call?
  • Cover the "3 W's" - Give the what, where and when you think the pet went missing.

***When posting your lost pet alert, please refrain from posting the alert on any telephone or other poles as this is illegal. If you post your sign on any of these poles, it may result in a fine from the City of Lake Charles.***

2.  E-MAIL the Calcasieu Parish Animal Services to notify the staff that your pet is missing.  Click here to send an email.

Finding a missing pet requires a lot of time and energy.  But don't give up!  Many pets throughout the country are reunited with their owners every day!

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