Hazardous Materials

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Hazardous material spills can occur anytime and anywhere within our local area. This material is transported into and out of the local area by train or truck. Almost every petro-chemical plant in the area has a large storage of hazardous materials. Sometimes the mixing or burning of otherwise harmless substances can form toxic waste. Sometimes there is no way to avoid being contaminated by toxic and/or hazardous material. If you think you have been contaminated, stop and get help from first responders at the scene or go to the nearest hospital for decontamination and first aid. Shelter-in-place notifications come in several forms: sirens, local media, law Haz Mat Operationenforcement officials, NOAA Weather Radio, and our local ring-down system. If you hear the siren sound, do not go outside because you could possibly get contaminated. Stay inside, close all windows, turn off the air-conditioner, and turn on the TV or radio to get the latest information. If you are in the area affected by the emergency, you must follow the instructions given. If you don’t, you are putting your life, and the lives of those with you, in jeopardy. If you think you have been contaminated, seek medical help immediately. Timing is very important.