Drainage Brochure

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Drainage Information Compiled in Convenient Handout

Brochure PictureIn anticipation of the economic growth coming to Calcasieu Parish, the Public Works Department created a brochure to explain its mission and guiding       principles on drainage development.

With 18,000 permanent jobs expected to come to the area and a growth rate of 4.7 percent per year through 2018, it's important to be good stewards and protect the community's drainage watershed resources. With 46 percent of   Calcasieu Parish being in a FEMA special hazard flood zone, the need for a     clear blueprint to reduce impacts from natural disasters was incorporated in-to the department's guiding principles.

The brochure also features policy objectives, and operational objectives to foster watershed management while pro-     moting the growth in our area and to revise operations when needed.

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You can watch the full meeting where the principles were discussed here: