Road Closures

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Below is a list of street closures and lane restrictions expected within Calcasieu Parish. This is based on the most up-to-date information available, but some restrictions and closures may not be listed here. You may want to check out the Louisiana Department of Transportation website for more information. 

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Road Dist / Road name CPPJ Dist / Start Date  End Date

Detailed Location of Closure

Type of
Road Closed for 
Road Dist. 4  CPPJ Dist. 14         

Coach Williams Drive & Old Spanish Trail



Temporary detour road has been

constructed to allow north and south bound traffic coming from the east of Coach Williams and south of Old Spanish Trail to continue to flow during Phase 1 of the Roundabout construction.

Closed to All Traffic

Construct Phase 1 Roundabout at Intersection of Old Spanish Trail and Coach Williams Drive.

Road Dist. 2

CPPJ Dist. 10




Rossignol Road 05/13/2019  10/24/2019  Rossignol Road Approximately 0.42 Miles East of Lavoi Road Closed to All Traffic  Bridge Replacement.
Road Dist. 8
(South) Manchester Rd 09/16/2019  09/27/2019  S Manchester Rd closed from Joe Spears Rd to Farm Rd. Traffic travelling South on Manchester must turn on Joe Spears. Traffic travelling North on Manchester Rd must turn on Farm Rd or Lane Rd. Closed to All Traffic
Cross Pipe Replacement and Shoulder Repair Work.
Road Dist. 8

CPPJ Dist. 10 






Metzger Road
Further Notice

0.42 Miles West of Fruge Road at the Bridge

Emergency Road Repairs Metzger Road Repairs.
Road Dist. 6
CPPJ Dist. 11



Marcantel Road 06/17/2019  10/08/2019  Marcantel Road Bridge Located Approximately 0.30 Miles North of Route 66.  Closed to All Traffic  Bridge Replacement. 
Stephen Street
Further Notice

At the Intersection of Arthur Irwin Road and Stephen Street

Closed to All Traffic
Intersection Washout Repair. 
Edgerly DeQuincy Road 09/10/2018  Further Notice  Washout of Road Over Cross Drain Located Approx 1 Mile North of Bud Bennett Road and 3 Miles South of Pine Forest Road Closed to All Traffic Repair of the Road Washout Over Cross Pipe.
Road Dist. 4 CPPJ Dist. 15  



Miller Avenue Bridge (South) PERMANENT    Miller Avenue (Between Mike Hooks Road and Landry Street) PERMANENT  Due to Structural Deficiencies.