Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and Waste Management

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Residential Garbage and Trash Collection and Disposal


The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, in conjunction with Waste Management, provides quality residential roadside garbage and trash collection services in the unincorporated areas of Wards 2 through 8.

To be considered a residence, you must have water and electric connections as well as a 911 address. Your cooperation is needed to ensure delivery of top quality service. It is important to understand the difference between garbage and trash, and sort your waste accordingly.

GARBAGE: Normal household waste, such as paper, plastic, food, cans, housewares, and containers. All garbage must be disposed of by placing in the container provided by Waste Management.

TRASH: Household items too large or bulky to fit into the garbage container, including yard waste. These items should be bagged or bundled and placed near the roadside.

RESTRICTIONS: Waste Management will not provide services at unoccupied residences or vacant lots, nor pick up hazardous material, lot clearing debris/trees, construction/demolition debris, remodeling materials, concrete, bricks, roofing, paint, batteries, oil, chemicals, or explosives.


1. Please have your container at the roadside by 5:00AM on your day of collection. It may be more convenient to place the container out the night before.

2. Please do not overload containers for automated collection with heavy items, hazardous material or protruding objects.

3. Lids should be kept shut to keep animals and rainwater out and refuse inside.

4. Once garbage has been emptied, residents are responsible for moving container off the street and placing in a safe location.

5. Containers may not be left next to the roadway at all times, since this increases the chance of potential theft or damage by traffic. Replacement of containers damaged or stolen on a non-collection day will be the responsibility of the resident.

6. Since Waste Management containers are assigned to a specific residential location, containers must not be taken when a resident moves.

7. Residents with extra garbage on an on-going basis may purchase an additional container from Waste Management for $68.00. These containers are specially designed for automated collection and containers of other design will not function with the collection trucks.

8. If your container is missing, you will  need to notify the Sheriff's Office who will issue you a claim number. Your first lost container will be replaced with this claim number. Thereafter, you will be required to purchase a replacement cart.

9. The only holidays observed by Waste Management are Christmas and New Year's Day. When these holidays fall on your collection day, you will be notified by the news media of the holiday collection schedule. Do not confuse municipality (city) holiday schedules with the unincorporated areas of the parish.



When buying new tires, have the dealer dispose of your old ones. Tires and rims may be taken to either of the following locations:

Calcasieu Parish East Maintenance Facility
5500-B Swift Plant Road
Lake Charles, LA 70615
(337) 721-3851

Calcasieu Parish West Maintenance Facility
2915 Post Oak Road
Sulphur, LA 70663
(337) 721-3750

The hours for drop off for both facilities are 7:00am-5:00pm, Thursday through Monday. They are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Maximum of five (5) tires per day, per person
  • Car and truck tires and tractor, dump truck, or 18 wheeler tires less than 500 lbs
  • Must be a citizen of Calcasieu Parish and have a valid LA Driver's License

Only government entities are allowed to drop off more than 5 tires without paperwork. (Example: City, Parish, State, etc.)

If a citizen or contractor has a letter from a government entity for a mandatory clean-up, they are allowed to drop off more than 5 tires.


The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 require that all appliances containing FREON be tagged by a certified technician before disposal. Waste Management WILL NOT pick up any appliances containing Freon; however, you may call to make arrangements to have other appliances picked up. Scrap metal and appliances without Freon are accepted at Cal-Cam Recycling and Southern Scrap Xpress Recycling.


Small amounts of furniture will be collected on regular trash routes. Large amounts of cast-off furniture or unusually frequent disposal of furnishings from a residential unit will not be collected. The Salvation Army and Goodwill will accept useable items for donation.


Some oil change services will accept used oil. Insta-Lube and Don’s Quick Lube will accept a maximum of five (5) gallons.


Trade in your used vehicle battery when replacing, since most dealers will give you a rebate. Several local companies will buy used batteries including Energy Batteries, Wholesale Batteries, and Aluminum Recycling.


Waste Management will not pick up construction, remodeling, or demolition debris.  When hiring contractors, specify that they will be responsible for removing all waste from the site. For a fee, arrangements can be made with Waste Management for removal of most construction materials. You may dispose of construction/demolition debris at one of several permitted construction landfills in the Parish. There is a fee for disposal at these locations.


Insure that contractors are responsible for removal of all debris after clearing or cutting operations. Waste Management can, for a fee, dispose of large amounts of lot clearing debris. Construction landfills will accept material from lot-clearing for a fee.


Leaves should be bagged, and tree, shrub, or bush clippings should be bundled for collection. Tree limbs under six feet (6’) long and four inches (4”) in diameter may be placed near, but not in, the road for pickup. Yard waste exceeding contract specifications MAY be removed from the Parish right-of-way at the expense of the resident. Residents are urged to compost yard waste. Composting information may be obtained through the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Department of Solid Waste.

For a list of alternative disposal locations click here.