J. Oneil Hebert, III, Manager

GIS logo showing different layers used in mappingGIS has seen many changes throughout the years to get Calcasieu Parish where it is today. In 1989, the Parish began the GIS department as part of the Louisiana Information Systems project. This project was partially funded by a grant from the US Department of Commerce. The need for a land parcel base map of the entire Parish was seen as a top priority for the Parish. We now maintain over 200 different layers of data, including the parcel base map.

The mission of the GIS department is the distribution of systems in an easy and useable form for the public to be used as a mapping source for the region.

The GIS Department uses a software from ESRI called ArcMap. The GIS department uses this software to prepare and create different layers, coverages, and edits to our parish-wide map. The software is being utilized not only in the GIS Department but also in other departments across the parish. Long-term plans for the GIS Department are to have a system where the entire parish will have access to GIS data.



Click here to use the Calcasieu Parish Mapping Application.