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Facility Tour    
We welcome students of any grade level to visit our mosquito coplane tourntrol operation. A complete tour will last about 1 hour and it includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Laboratory and Insectory Tour
  • Shop and Airplane Hanger Tour

Students start out learning about the biology of the mosquito and then learn about mosquito control operations in Calcasieu Parish. Next we visit our lab and insectory. Then we're off to the shop and airplane hangar which is the favorite stop for most students.

Classroom Visits
We will visit K-12 classes on a scheduled basis. Our presentations usually take about 30classroom to 45 minutes. We speak to individual classes or groups about:

  • Biology and Life Cycle of the Mosquito
  • Surveillance and Sampling of Mosquitoes
  • Controlling Mosquitoes in Calcasieu Parish
  • Life Cycle Kits

Library Display
This table top display is designed to provide teachers with classroom relibrary displaysources while the display is at their school.

  • Mosquito Game Board
  • Biology and Life Cycle of the Mosquito  
  • Teacher / Class Workbook
  • Mosquito Movie

Teachers can check out items from the library such as movies, game boards, Neato CD's and workbooks. The display is normally setup for a two week period.

Contact - Jill Hightower   (337) 721-3780