Freeboard Elevation

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Freeboard Elevation

 What is Freeboard Elevation and Why is it necessary?

A freeboard elevation is a locally regulated higher standard that has been adopted to reduce future flooding risk to property and structures.  Having this regulation in place  allows for lower insurance premium costs that homeowners incur.

Studies have confirmed that 30% - 40% of flood claims/damage come from structures that are located outside of FEMA special flood hazard areas.

The Calcasieu Parish Freeboard Elevation is effective in all flood zones labeled: A, AE, AO, VE & X (shaded) and X

 Enforced on:  New Residential and Non-Residential Construction

                         Manufactured Home placement and new manufactured home parks

                         Substantially Improved Structures

                         Mechanical Equipment servicing structures (i.e. A/C, Sewer Pump)

 The Lowest Floor Elevation is determined by adding one (1) foot to the highest of the following four (4) measurements, where applicable.

     1.  FEMA base flood elevation (as noted on the latest adopted Flood Insurance Rate

          Map or nearest base flood elevation or community determined elevation);

     2.  Center line of the nearest public road adjacent or across from proposed development


     3.  Top of the nearest upstream or downstream Sanitary Sewer Manhole where a 

          community or municipal system is provided;

     4.  Highest recorded historical or modeled 100 year inundation levels.


 For more Elevation Survey information and for a list of local surveyors, click HERE.

A licensed land surveyor or engineer will be required to certify elevation numbers through the use of the following freeboard elevation form:

 Freeboard Elevation Form