Liquor/Beer Permit

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Liquor & Beer Permits

Parish of Calcasieu

License Office

901 Lakeshore Drive, 5th Floor, Lake Charles, LA 70601

PO Box 1583, Lake Charles, LA 70602

(337)721-3640 •  


How to Apply for Liquor & Beer Permits

Submit the following completed documents for each owner for a New Permit:

·         Completed Liquor & Beer Permit Application with fees

·         Completed Occupational License Application with fees

·         Completed Occupational Liquor License Application with fees, if applicable

·         Signed Applicant Acknowledgement Form of Code of Ordinances

·         Copy of Driver’s License

·         Copy of the deed or notarized lease of the business location which includes the legal description

·         Affidavit of Publication from the American Press of the ad required by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission/State of Louisiana

·         Calcasieu Parish Inventory/Property Tax Certification Form – signed by deputy

·         Calcasieu Parish School Board Sales Tax Clearance Certificate

·         State Sales Tax Clearance Certificate from the LA Department of Revenue

·         Calcasieu Parish Health Unit Approval

·         Copy of the Secretary of State’s Certificate if an LLC or Corporation (Articles of Organization)

·         Notarized partnership agreement, if applicable

  • Schedule A, notarized, by the manager, all owner(s), partner(s), and/or officer(s)

·         Copy of Naturalization papers, if applicable


The owner’s name(s) and trade names must agree on all documents submitted (applications, sales tax clearances, property/inventory tax form, health unit approval, leases, ads, etc.) whether applying as an individual, corporation or partnership.  Names must appear as on the driver’s license, no nicknames.

Applicants must meet all qualifications (i.e. must be at least 21 years of age, no felony convictions, etc.)

Applications are presented to the Police Jury for approval. They meet on the first and third Thursday of each month.


Class A: Consumption on premises

Liquor $100.00             Beer     $35.00


Class B: Consumption off premises (Package)

Liquor $50.00             Beer     $25.00


Initial Occupational License: $50.00

Initial Liquor License: $150.00


Permits are valid for the calendar year and are renewed no later than November 1st for the following year calendar year.


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