Proposed Ordinance Changes

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Here is a proposed ordinance amendment scheduled to be introduced to the Planning and Zoning Board on October 16, with action by the Board anticipated at the November 13th meeting.

Click here for Chapter 26- Zoning and Development REVISED 9-19-18. 

As a result of public input, the proposed driveway access regulations contained in Sec. 26-48 have been modified. For more, click HERE.  ** This document is large and may open slowly due to its size. 

As a result of public input, the proposed minimum standards in Manufactured Home Park (R-MHP) and the proposed standards for secondary dwelling units have been modified. To read the full proposal, click HERE**This document is large and may open slowly due to its size.

 Many of the proposed amendments consist of cross-referencing other portions of existing code, eliminating conflicts, clarifying intentions, modifying wording to reflect the new Runoff Management Plan requirements adopted late last year, and modifying Typical Sections to reflect the previously adopted Space Allocations for Utilities. There are however a few new concepts and these are listed below:

  1. Adding “Reception Facility” as a specific use;
  2. Adding a provision to allow “Secondary Dwelling Units” with certain parameters;
  3. Amending Driveway Access Regulations to allow administrative variances based upon engineering justification and to better reflect the policies being followed for new developments; and
  4. Expanding the Administrative Review process to allow expedited reviews for commonly approved variance requests.