How Does a Mechanical Sewer System (ATU) Work?

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How Do Mechanical Sewer (aerobic treatment ) units work?

Mechanical sewer systems (ATU) usually work in 3-4 stages:

Stage 1      
  The first stage reduces the amount of solids (oils, grease,toilet paper, etc.) going into the ATU by utilizing a compartment to allow settlement. This is an optional feature, so your system may or may not have this function.

Stage 2 
  The second stage forces oxygen to mix with the wastewater in what is known as "the aeration chamber." This allows the beneficial bacteria to thrive and breakdown the sewage.

Stage 3
  A clarifier is a chamber that separates the solids created in the aeration chamber (stage 2) from the water. The solids fall to the bottom and back into the aeration chamber.

Stage 4 
  The final step includes disinfection and effluent reduction.



  ATU System


How an ATU works