Subdivision Development

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Subdivison Development


Subdivision means the division of a lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more lots, plats or sites or other divisions of land. Subdivisions can be Single Family Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial or Industrial. Calcasieu Parish has adopted regulations for all new subdivision development or any changes to existing subdivision development. These regulations can be found in the link below:

Calcasieu Parish Subdivision Regulations

Subdivision Planning includes finding the right location, deciding on the size of lots and types of structures you want and the amenities you want to offer to your buyers. Proper advance planning and coordination with our office and our engineering department will ensure that all critical elements (drainage and traffic infrastructure) of your development will be addressed early on.


Pre-development planning begins with a Conceptual Plan. Our office will now require all developers to submit a Conceptual Plan.  These conceptual plans can be presented to our office at our conceptual plan meetings held bi-monthly. This meeting is for developers and stakeholders involved in these projects only and is not a 'public' meeting.   These meetings will highlight any large apparent issues that need to be considered early on in the infrastructure planning phase. 

Deadlines for Conceptual Plan Meetings have been created to ensure that all pertinent internal staff and external stakeholders (Gravity Drainage, etc...) have an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed plan. A Conceptual Plan Checklist will need to be submitted along with the proposed conceptual plan for review by the deadline date.

The Conceptual Plan meeting dates and submittal deadlines dates can be found in the document below:

Conceptual Plan Meeting Calendar (Major Subdivisions)

Once you are ready to submit plans, an application will need to be filed in our office so that a conceptual plan meeting can be scheduled.  


Major Subdivisions are reviewed in different phases requiring separate submittals and approval processes. Below, you will find the review phases and submittal checklists for each. These checklists will need to accompany each set of plans/plats that are required and each will be checked to determine if a submittal is complete in order to move on to formal review.

Major Subdivision - Conceptual Plan Transmittal

Major Subdivision - Preliminary Plat Transmittal

Major Subdivision - Engineering Plan Transmittal

Major Subdivision - Final Plat Transmittal


Minor Subdivision - Minor Plat Transmittal


The subdivision approval process will require a Drainage Run-Off Management Plan (RMP) to be submitted and reviewed prior to subdivision acceptance. Below is a checklist that will be required to be submitted with the RMP for review:

Runoff Management Plan Transmittal